Happy 2017!

Welcome to 2017! This year, let us help you lead the way in veterinary care to keep your furry companions happy and healthy. To a healthy and beautiful year from all of your friends at AMC Wyoming.

Leave no stone unturned!

Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup to ensure their kidney and urinary health!

Did you know 75% of your pet’s kidney function is gone before you see signs of serious illness? That means your pet may have kidney disease and you may not even know it.

This month we want to focus on your pet’s kidney and urinary tract health because this is an area of veterinary medicine (and human medicine, too) where preventive health care can make a BIG difference! A routine blood and urine test can clue us into the status of your pet’s kidney and urinary system: it’s that simple.

When we talk about chronic kidney disease, it’s a very common disorder in cats, especially those that are older than age 5. Renal (kidney) insufficiency or renal failure occurs when the kidneys are no longer able to do their appointed job–remove waste products from the blood.

Renal failure is not the same as not being able to produce urine. In fact, most cats with renal failure make lots of urine in an attempt to remove the waste products that collect in the blood. The kidneys are failing but the cat makes a huge volume of urine... this can be confusing to pet owners!

Let’s switch gears and talk about urinary stones. Dogs or cats with very small stones in the urinary system do not usually have any signs. They look and act the same as usual. However, if these stones become larger, and are not detected and monitored, they can move into other areas of the urinary system that may cause obstruction. Obstruction is an emergency that puts your pet’s health at serious risk.

The best way to keep your pet’s kidney and urinary tract health in tiptop shape is through preventive healthcare. Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today so we can examine your pet from nose to tail, run any tests if needed and discuss all the concerns you may have. We are partners in your pet’s care, so call us today! We promise to leave no stone unturned.

Chilled to the bone? Think outside the box to maximize fun this winter!

Winter in Michigan is great for those big furry breeds who love the snow! But if your dog prefers the warmth of being indoors, there are a lot of fun activities to keep your pet active and happy through our colder months. A game of fetch is a classic choice, but get creative! You can incorporate stairs or even laser pointers. Another fun chase game for dogs and cats is bubbles. This highly entertaining activity is great for kids to get involved also. Pets love chasing and chomping on bubbles. There are pet-safe bubbles available at pet stores. During winter, you may not get to the dog park as much, so why not consider doggy daycare? At Animal Medical Center of Wyoming, we match up dogs with similar play styles in small groups for socialization. A brisk winter walk is great but keep in mind, if it’s too cold for your exposed skin, then it’s also too cold for little feet. Have fun!

Apps are going to the dogs (and cats)!

Technology is huge part of our lives, why wouldn’t that also extend to our pets? There are countless new apps for our smartphones that help us track our pets health and medical records. Who would have ever thought that our pets would have social networks! We checked out some fun and helpful apps for pet lovers, all available in iTunes or Google Play unless stated otherwise. Here’s our pick of the litter:

  1. Purina Pet Health by Nestle Purina PetCare : Keep track of your pet’s health needs and appointment or medication reminders. Also, locate the nearest dog park or veterinarian.
  2. Pet First Aid by American Red Cross : Be prepared to help your furry friends with veterinary advice for everyday emergencies.
  3. Animal Poison Control by ASPCA : Gather critical information on substances that may be harmful to your pet based on their species. Complete access to colorful images for easy identification, level of toxicity, side effects, and actions to take for each item listed.
  4. MapMyDogWalk by MapMyFitness, Inc. : Exercise your dog and get healthy at the same time! Log your walks, automatically track your calories, and sync with your free account at www.mapmywalk.com. This app also gives you the ability to share your workout data, listen to your music, and geo-tag photos along your route.
  5. BarkPost by Bark & Co. : BarkPost is the best way to keep up on doggie news! Get notifications on all the latest dog stories and news.
  6. DogFriendly.com : This application for the website provides information on crossing boarders and air travel with pets. Lodging guides worldwide. Complete dog travel guides for the U.S. and Canada as well.
  7. BarkCam by Bark & Co. : Choose a sound that will get your pup's attention and snap a great photo. Add filters, fun stickers, quotes, or meme text to the image.
  8. Dog Breeds Encyclopedia by remind4u2 : Contains more than 500 dog breeds and concise information on history, description, health, temperament, and appearance. (Only available to Android users. There are similar, paid apps in the iTunes App store).
  9. Twindog by Holidog : Give your dog an exciting opportunity to make new friends near you. Just like Tinder, but for dogs!
  10. Friskies Jitterbug by Nestle Purina PetCare : Fun game for your cat to practice catching a variety of bugs!

Inside AMC

We had a bit of construction done on our entryway. We extended out the awning to keep you better protected from the elements. We hope you like our new look!

January is a time for change. You may have noticed we updated our friendly dog hydrant that sits in front of our building. We decided that our hydrant should have a name, and YOU get to decide! So this month, we’re going to hold a contest to see who comes up with the best name! See our Facebook page for more details!

Our AMC family gets a little smaller this month as we sadly say goodbye to longtime Pet Attendant, Kayleigh. We are happy and excited for the next chapter of her life in Texas. We, and our pets, will miss her.

Animal Medical Center of Wyoming is dedicated to the education of future veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Starting this year we are proud to host students from Michigan State University. We will also continue our 12 year relationship with Baker College of Muskegon veterinary technician program. Students will learn side-side with our outstanding staff in all aspects of veterinary care. We look forward to welcoming fresh new faces as they complete their externships at AMC.

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