Trick or Treats


The season of spooky is upon us and AMC is gearing up for a scary Halloween. Kicking off this month is our annual Smile for a Cause contest and some new tips on pet wellness. So snuggle up with some hot cider and check out what's going on at AMC this month. Trick or treats!

Healthy Partners: October is a great month for animals!

It’s National Service Dog Month, National Animal Safety and Protection Month, ASPCA’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and there’s even a shout-out to cats this month on National Cat Day, October 29th! With all of these warm and fuzzy feelings circulating in the autumn air, it’s a perfect time to take a good, close look at your pet. How has he/she been acting lately?

Nipping. Scratching. Litter box issues. Leash pulling. Meowing at night. Urinating on the floor. Chewing shoes. Are these behaviors just part of being a “normal” cat or dog?

Some of what we assume to be common behavior issues are actually due to underlying medical problems. Many illnesses are tough to recognize even for the most observant owners. For example, if your dog started nipping at the kids, it may be a sign that he’s in pain. Your cat may stop jumping on your lap--not because she’s being unfriendly, but because she has arthritis and it hurts.

If these behaviors are left unchecked, it’s a triple-threat issue: The behavior may worsen, the underlying medical condition may progress (which puts your pet’s health at risk), and most importantly, your pet’s quality of life as part of your family is compromised.

Here’s where we can help! We have the expertise to analyze, identify and resolve behavior issues with your pet. At your pet’s checkup, we can talk about your his/her behavior and help give your pet a “new leash” on life! We are committed to your pet’s well-being…all the way! Call us today!

Body Condition Matters

Have you had the talk with your veterinarian? You know--the one that says you should cut down on food and treats. We know it’s difficult to talk about weight and food; feeding our pets is fun and it’s hard to say no! But we want you to have as many healthy years with your pet as possible. In a Purina study, one group of dogs was fed a measured amount of food to achieve an ideal body condition ( ⅗), and another group of dogs were allowed to eat unlimited amounts of food. This 14 year, life-long study showed that pets that have a lean body condition live 1-2 years longer! Also, they found that leaner dogs experienced delayed chronic disease onset and did not age as early-on as those who were allowed to overeat.  A good body condition for pets is a defined waist, tuck under at the abdomen, no neck or hip padding, and the ribs should be easily felt. Our veterinarians and technicians are trained to assist you in nutritional counseling. In most cases, a simple adjustment of feeding amounts and treats is all that’s needed. Lets work together to get the best life for our pets!

We Love Our Techs!

Our technicians are celebrated year-round, but especially during the month of October for National Veterinary Technician week! Sensitive procedures like surgery or dentistry require the work of highly-skilled individuals who have been thoroughly trained to both monitor and handle pets with great care. That’s why we believe in employing only licensed veterinary technicians to provide the best treatment and care for your pets. All of our vet techs have attended a veterinary technician program and passed a licensing exam through the state of Michigan. They are trained in anesthesia and surgical technique, dentistry, radiology, laboratory and diagnostic testing, not to mention all the education, guidance and training provided to clients. So this month, we say thank you for all they do! Our 11 vet techs: Sue, Michele, Delena, Emily D, Emily G, Alicia, Kaleigh, Laura, Riley, Kaitlyn, and Amber.

Are you ready to Smile for a Cause?

Are you ready to smile for a good cause? AMC Wyoming wants your pets to say "cheese" and submit three of their best photos for a chance to be spotlighted at AMC and be featured in our very own 2017 calendar. The calendar, which will be sold at our practice, will benefit AMCare - a fund designed for pets who need emergency medical care.

Get started at before October 29 to submit your best.

Welcome, Jessica and Dr. Montpetit!
This month, we welcomed new pet groomer Jessica! She has a long history of grooming and we are happy to have her join our team of pet stylists!

We also welcomed Dr. Jaclyn Montpetit! She is new to Grand Rapids after having lived and worked as a veterinarian in Fremont. She looks forward to meeting you and your pets!

Canoe trip
This summer, our staff was treated to a canoe trip down the Pine River by Dr. Leven. This is our 4th staff canoe trip, and every one is memorable. We have a great staff and enjoy getting together for activities outside the practice. The water was fast and cold but we all made it back! Thanks, Dr. Leven!

Last volleyball game
Our girls finished the volleyball season strong out at The Score. Our Woof Pack played hard and we are super proud of them! Now, time to start practicing for next year!

This month we said goodbye to Kissy. He was a special kitty to our AMC family and especially close to our boarding staff. He was so brave after a short illness with cancer. May Kissy and all those lost rest in peace.

Our AMC family welcomed a new member, technician Emily G. welcomed a new puppy, Deacon, a golden retriever. We look forward to watching him grow!

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