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So technically June is the start of summer, but let's face it: July is summer. July is the summer-est month; full of picnics, watermelon and fireworks. So while we're celebrating America's 240th birthday with our pets, remember to keep your furry friends away from any loud noise makers. And while the heat rises and we head to our local pools, make sure your pet gets plenty of water and shade. Without any further ado, let's jump into our July announcements.

Healthy Skin

Summer is here and you finally have a chance to relax. Who wants to join you? Your pet! While you’re snuggling with your furry friend, perhaps you feel a bump or rash on their skin. What should you do?

Bumps. Lumps. Missing fur. A black spot. A funny­-looking toenail. Are these things nothing, or something of concern?

For most owners, it's tough to know what skin issues are harmless and what needs further evaluation. Missing fur may be from a lost battle with a housemate. A black spot may be a tick. A rash may indicate a food allergy. A little bump may be cancer. Skin is the largest organ of the body and there's a lot to cover! That's why a yearly checkup is vital to your pet's health. When you bring your pet in for their wellness exam, we'll assess every part of them, nose to tail. We'll make sure your pet is healthy and stays that way!

Now that there's a little peace and quiet at home, schedule your pet's wellness exam. We'll perform a thorough skin check and a few other easy tests to keep your pet happy, healthy and a part of your family for a long, long time. Make an appointment today!

Gentle Leader means a smoother stride

Do you walk your dog, or does your dog walk you? We know how you feel! Going for walks and enjoying the outdoors are great exercises for you both. But they are not fun if you’re constantly being pulled around by an exuberant companion. The Gentle Leader head halter is the perfect solution and will completely improve your walks. The halter fits over the head and nose, then attaches to a leash. If your pet tries to move in front of you or jump, you have control of the head, and they are directed back towards you. They are great for pets that jump, lunge or pull on the leash. Many of our staff use this device and have seen the benefits first­hand. Your pet needs to be fitted for the right size, which we can do for you — free of charge!

What on earth is Leptospirosis?

You may have asked this very question at your dog’s last exam. Leptospirosis is the ‘L’ in the vaccines that we give to dogs annually (DAPPL). Firstly, leptospirosis is a bacteria that is common in wildlife and the environment. Even dogs that are mostly indoors can get infected because it is transmitted by drinking from puddles or licking muddy paws. Swimming in contaminated water or having contact with wildlife such as rats, raccoons, opossums or skunks can also transmit the bacteria. The disease leptospirosis can cause a variety of symptoms that make it difficult to diagnose. These include vomiting, diarrhea, shivering or just not acting themselves. If your vet suspects leptospirosis, a blood test can be used to diagnose the disease. What makes leptospirosis so concerning is that people can contract it from their pets. Yearly vaccination is key to prevention. The new leptospirosis vaccine is very mild and safe. Careful attention to cleaning up urine and hand washing are also important. If your pet goes outside, even for short visits, they are at risk. In fact, a lot of the cases we see are small dogs. Why chance it?

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